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List of Lakes in Armenia: Locations, Sizes, and Provinces

Armenia, a country with rich geographical diversity, hosts a variety of lakes, ranging from vast bodies of water to smaller mountain lakes. The most prominent among them is Lake Sevan, situated in the Gegharkunik Province, which stands as the largest lake in both Armenia and the entire Caucasus region. The country’s lakes play a crucial role in its ecosystem and provide various recreational and practical uses.


Notable Lakes and Reservoirs

Armenia’s lakes hold a total water volume of approximately 39,300,000,000 cubic metres, with Lake Sevan containing the majority of this volume. Before drainage activities, Lake Sevan held almost 58,000,000,000 cubic metres of water. Beyond Lake Sevan, another significant lake is Lake Arpi, which has been subject to more extensive studies compared to the smaller mountain lakes. In Yerevan, the capital city of Armenia, one can find smaller lakes, often situated within amusement parks.

Comprehensive List of Lakes

This list may not be exhaustive, and contributions to complete it are welcome.


Name Area (km²) Province
Lake Sevan (Սևանա լիճ, Sevana lich) 1,264 Gegharkunik
Lake Arpi (Արփի լիճ, Arp’i lich) 220 Shirak
Akhurian Reservoir (Ախուրյանի ջրամբար, Akhuryani jrambar) 54 Shirak; Kars (Turkey)
Spandaryan Reservoir (Սպանդարյանի ջրամբար, Spandaryani jrambar) 10.8 Syunik
Yerevan Lake (Երևանյան լիճ, Yerevanyan lich) 0.65 Yerevan
Lake Akna (Ակնա, Akna) 0.5 Kotayk
Lake Kari (Քարի լիճ, K’ari lich) 0.3 Aragatsotn
Lake Ayger (Այղր, Ayghr) 0.16 Armavir
Lake Lessing (Լեսինգ) 0.09 Aragatsotn
Lake Parz (Պարզ լիճ, Parz lich) 0.03 Tavush
Lake Gosh (Գոշ լիճ, Gosh lich) 0.03

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