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Lake Parz

Lake Parz (Armenian: Պարզ լիճ, romanized: Parz lich, lit. ‘Clear Lake’) is a small, serene lake located in the Dilijan National Park, situated east of the town of Dilijan in Armenia’s Tavush region. Resting at 1334 meters above sea level, the lake is a notable geographic feature.

Geographical and Physical Characteristics

Lake Parz spans a surface area of 0.03 km² and holds a volume of 0.00008 km³. The lake is nestled between wooded ridges in a shallow valley, boasting an oblong shape. Its dimensions measure approximately 385 meters in length and 85 meters in width, with a depth exceeding 5 meters. The lake’s clear waters and picturesque surroundings contribute to its local name, translating to ‘Clear Lake’ in English.

Development and Activities

The lake and its surrounding area have seen developments to enhance visitor experiences.

Trail Connections

In 2017, the Transcaucasian Trail project saw the creation of a pathway connecting Lake Parz to the town of Dilijan and in the opposite direction, linking to the village of Gosh and Gosh Lake. This initiative involved the construction of new trail segments to connect existing trails and dirt roads seamlessly.

A subsequent development in 2018 introduced a new trail that circumnavigates Lake Parz, providing hikers and nature enthusiasts with additional opportunities to explore the area.

Recreational Opportunities

The vicinity of Lake Parz features various recreational amenities, including:

  • A restaurant catering to visitors
  • Paddle boats available for rent
  • A ropes course for adventure seekers
  • Zip lines offering an aerial perspective of the stunning landscape


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