Norway – Interesting For Traveler


 Norway is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and although beauty is a subjective matter, Norway’s beauty is an undeniable fact. Not only is there beauty in Norway, but also cultural and artistic heritage, the world’s steepest roads, some of the world’s northern institutions and many happy people. Here are some interesting facts that will help you get to know this amazing northern country better:


• Norway’s coastline is breathtakingly beautiful: its entire length has hordes of fjords that are responsible for its wild and unusual appearance. Fjords are narrow sea tongues surrounded by mountains, created by glacial retreat in ancient times. Norway is the kingdom of fjords, with no less than a thousand fjords. One of the most beautiful is the Geirangerfjord – a particularly narrow fjord, whose cliff walls fall into many waterfalls. Famous for these waterfalls is called the Seven Sisters Waterfall, because it falls in seven long, thin streams reminiscent of seven-woman hair imaginations…


Norway view


•  Not only fjords exist in Norway, the whole country is a nature lover’s paradise: 30% of Norway’s area is covered by forests and has countless waterfalls and lakes.


•  If you want to enjoy a short time and without much effort from Norway’s dizzying scenery, all you have to do is take the train that connects Flam to Myrdal. Only 20 km separates the two towns, but a height of 863 meters makes the trip one of the steepest in the world, with most of it at a 55 percent slope. Glaciers and fjords – the essence of beauty that Norway has to offer.


•  One of the most famous Norwegian sculptors was Gustav Vigland, who lived in 1943-1869. In 1921, Wigland reached an agreement with the City of Oslo – he was given a large studio to hire and work in and in return pledged to provide the municipality with all his future work. Wigland’s works are presented today to the general public at Wigland Park: Wigland sculpted the park gates, the fountain and 200 bronze, stone and granite sculptures displayed in the park, almost all of which are human figures. The most famous statue in the park is the monolith, a 14-foot-high stone pillar with about 120 figures struggling to reach the top. Another famous sculpture is the Circle of Life, an iron sculpture of characters holding each other and forming a circle.




• Norway has many scenic routes, but the most beautiful of them is the Trollstigvegen route, a steep and winding road linking the town of Silt to the town of Undalsens. The road has no less than 11 hair-raising twists and is surrounded by landscapes that are difficult to describe in beauty. On every side there are impressive peaks, including the Queen’s Mountain and the King’s Mountain, and green valleys. There are many waterfalls in the area, including the overflowing Stigfossen waterfall, one of the scenic spots along the way. The road was given the name of the legendary creatures that are supposed to reside in the forests around, and this is probably also the only road in the world with a warning sign: “Caution, trolls on the way”


•  Norway is also famous for its wooden churches. 29 ancient wooden churches, more than a thousand years old, are scattered in the Suganfjord area. These churches are referred to as Stavkirke churches, and are characterized by unique murals, wood carvings and pagan markings such as carved dragon heads on the roof. The churches were built by the Vikings, who were baptized into Christianity a short time before but have not yet been freed from their pagan beliefs. The oldest one is the church in Urnes, and it was built in 1130. Also in Bergen there is a particularly impressive wooden church, Fantoft Stvavkirke, which was built in the 12th century in the Suganfiord area – the church in Bergen is a reconstruction of the original church that was burned down a few years ago.


•  Norway has the northernmost point in Europe – the Northern Cape (Nordkapp). At the end of the Northern Cape is a steep, 307-foot cliff that rises above the ocean and is known as the “Spit of Europe.” The Northern Cape, which is in the Arctic Circle, enjoys a phenomenon known as the midnight sun – from mid-May to the end of July the sun does not set here at all and even at midnight you can travel in full light.


Norway, Hol


•  Tromso, northern Norway, is the northernmost city in the world, with a population exceeding 50,000. For this reason, in this charming and vibrant city, there are several institutions that receive the “Northern World” title, including the Northern University in the World, the Northern Botanical Garden in the World, the Northern Protestant Cathedral in the world and more.


•  Norway frequently stars at the top of the list of approved countries in the world (for example, in the 2017 World Happiness Report) and at the top of the list of peaceful countries in the world. Which is the everyday reality of the Norwegians, has an effect on their degree of happiness, and that is where the travelers who get to come here and experience all this beauty.

Have a nice trip, traveler.