Metro 2036 – The Book or The Game?

We all fell in love with the Metro trilogy. The end of Metro 2035 raised many questions and a thirst for interest. We all wonder if Metro 2036 will be a book. Or a game? Even the movie or the TV series?

Ten years ago, one hundred thousand copies of the novel “Metro 2033” sold out in three months. The book has been translated into 37 languages. In 2009, Metro 2034 appeared, and the book became a bestseller. The same happened to Metro 2035, and we, the readers, sincerely await to continue Metro 2036 as a book!


So Will metro 2036 be there as a book?

The writer Dmitry Glukhovsky, based on whose work Metro 2033, Metro: Last Light, and Metro: Exodus games were developed, said there would be no more books in the Metro universe and revealed how fans could learn the continuation of Artem’s story.

“Metro 2035 terminates the book part of the Metro saga. I am not planning to write any other Metro story as a novel” Glukhovsky said.

“I think, the main questions are answered in Metro 2035. And even if there won’t be any other Metro BOOKS, this doesn’t necessarily mean that Artyom’s story can’t continue in other media…” he added.

The writer Dmitry Glukhovsky gave a new big interview for IGN Germany, in which he answered many questions from Metro fans: Exodus and the Metro franchise about the series’ future. Glukhovsky officially announced that he no longer plans to deal with Metro books, and therefore fans should not expect new books and continue the story of Artyom in this format. At the same time, Glukhovsky noted that Metro: Exodus begins at the end of the book “Metro 2035”, and the further plot of the game, in which the heroes leave the subway and explore the outside world, is no longer based on any novels.

Metro 2036 - Fun art

Metro 2036 – Fun art

METRO Universe Books in Order 

Metro 2033

Metro 2033 is happening Twenty years after World War III. The last survivors are hiding in the stations and tunnels of the Moscow Metro, the largest nuclear bomb shelter on Earth. The planet’s surface is contaminated and uninhabitable, and metro stations have become the last refuge for humans. They turn into independent city-states that compete and war with each other. They are not ready to reconcile even in the face of a new terrible danger threatening all people with final extermination. Artyom, a twenty-year-old guy from the VDNKh station, must go through the entire metro to save his only home – and all of humanity.


Metro 2034

Near future, 2034. Chaos reigns in the world after a nuclear catastrophe. Survivors fight for existence daily, hiding in bunkers and bomb shelters. There are no more cities, no civilization. Each shelter has laws, and The Moscow metro is becoming the largest. Each metro station is a separate state, and it is better not to get into the tunnels. There is only darkness, fear and chaos in them. People cannot rise to the surface, where certain death awaits them from radiation or the mutants that now inhabit the planet. Men, women and children try to live underground, obeying their leaders and fighting for their territory. And one day, the Sevastopolskaya station is isolated. Only a true hero can save its inhabitants.

Metro 2035

“Metro 2035” continues – and completes the story of Artyom from the first book of the cult trilogy. Millions of readers have been waiting for this book for ten years. At the same time, “2035” is an independent book; from it, one can begin initiation into the saga that conquered Russia and the whole world.


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