Where is Big Ben Located?

When people think of Paris, they usually imagine the Eiffel Tower, when thinking about Rome you remembering the Colosseum. Every European city started its history several centuries ago and has its own historical landmark. Talking about London, the first thing that comes to mind is, of course, Buckingham Palace and Big Ben.

The Geographic location of Big Ben

On one of the banks of the River Thames, the Palace of Westminster is located – the white house of the UK. The architectural uniqueness of the building is the presence of a large clock tower, called Big Ben. Thus, the answer to the question of where Big Ben is located is essentially the location of the British Parliament building.

The height of the tower is 98 meters above the Thames and that allows you to see it from almost any place in central London.

The Clock located on the Big Ben tower has gained fame as the most accurate clock in the world. Unfortunately today Big Ben can no longer boast of such an honorary title. During World War II, a Nazi bomb hit the tower and the setting went astray. With the development of electronics, the exact time has gone into another sphere, and today the enormous power of computer processors is working on calculating the exact time. But among mechanical timekeeping recorders, the clock where Big Ben is located is still considered one of the most accurate timekeeping ideals.


A bit of history

The Big Ben Tower was built in 1858 according to the project of the English architect Pugin Augustus. Part of the Palace of Westminster was destroyed in the fire and it was necessary to restore its former greatness as soon as possible. The tower was built as one of the six bell towers but immediately differed from the others in its originality. The largest bell and the largest clock at that time in the world were laid in the project. The diameter of the dial is 7 meters, and the length of the large and small arrows is 2.7 and 4.2 meters. Despite all the preparations, the watch was launched only in 1859.

There are several theories of the origin of the name Big Ben. According to one, considered the most truthful, the tower got its slang name in honor of Sir Benjamin Hall, who was its builder. This version is popular because it has similarities with the history of the Eiffel Tower. Another theory of origin tells the story of the great and revered English boxer Benjamin County. At the end of his career, he stood a fight lasting 60 rounds.


Big Ben today

Answering the question “Where is Big Ben Located” may not be so simple. Until October 2012, it was officially called the “clock tower of the Palace of Westminster.” In October 2012, at a meeting of the House of Lords, it was decided to rename the Elizabeth Tower in honor of the successful sixtieth reign of Queen Elizabeth the first.

Along with cabs, red telephone booths, and double-decker buses, Big Ben has become a symbol of England and London. You can enter a keyword London to the search query to easily guess which images will be shown first. The Palace of Westminster in London in the 19th century played a decisive role in the country. England by that time had reached the “climax” of world influence and the House of Lords, which was located in this palace, determined the course of development of the state and foreign policy strategy.

Today, a large number of people are working on the maintenance of the clockwork. Every two days, specialists check the serviceability of all parts. In 1962, Big Ben’s clock stopped. According to an official statement, this happened due to heavy snowfall that day. In 2005, at the end of May, the small clock arrows froze twice.

Big Ben today is the most recognizable landmark in London and any self-respecting tourist should set a goal to visit this bell tower. It is constantly used in art: when shooting a film in London it is impossible not to put Elizabeth Tower in the frame, and singing songs about the capital, not to mention a couple of lines about Big Ben.