Top 10 Cities in Poland in 2023

Year after year, the globe becomes more navigable for travellers. Today’s jet-setters can swiftly soar to any destination on budget-friendly flights, effortlessly compare accommodation prices, and even immerse themselves in genuine local experiences by staying with everyday hosts. Among the myriad destinations beckoning globetrotters, the cities of Poland stand as shining exemplars of a nation that blends its deep-rooted culture with the dynamism of modern-day tourism.

For those embarking on a European vacation, initiating your journey in the cities of Poland provides an unmatched introduction. Yet, it’s not exclusively for the uninitiated; even the well-traveled will find fresh, enthralling discoveries here. Poland harmoniously marries the allure of ancient, cobbled streets with state-of-the-art business hubs. Add to this mix its breathtaking natural landscapes and top-notch infrastructure, and you have a country that truly caters to every traveller’s desire.

So, pondering on which destinations to earmark in your Polish itinerary? Delve into our optimized guide on the top 10 cities in Poland.

1. Kazimierz Dolny – A Renaissance Reverie

Kazimierz Dolny
Kazimierz Dolny

Tucked away in the embrace of Poland’s scenic beauty, Kazimierz Dolny glistens as a timeless testament to the country’s illustrious Renaissance era. A cherished sanctuary for poets and artists alike, every nook and cranny of this town radiates an unparalleled charm. Garnering acclaim from global platforms, CNN once extolled Kazimierz Dolny as one of Central Europe’s “most amorous destinations.”

At the very epicentre of the town, the Market Square unfolds, flanked by picturesque dwellings that tell tales of yesteryears. Elevated gracefully on a hill nearby, one can find the remains of Casimir the Great’s grand castle. Below, the serene currents of the Vistula River meander adding to the town’s captivating aura. For those journeying through the top 10 cities in Poland, the allure of Kazimierz Dolny is simply irresistible.


2. Kraków – A Tapestry of Time and Beauty

Krakow, Poland
Krakow, Poland

In recent years, Krakow has garnered international recognition, with a highlight in 2020 when it was celebrated as the best city globally. As the illustrious former capital of Poland, Krakow boasts a rich tapestry of stunning architecture, world-class museums, and a culinary scene that rivals the best in Europe.

There are specific must-visit landmarks for those venturing to this gem among the top 10 cities in Poland. The historic Wawel Castle beckons with its grandeur. The Cloth Hall, a masterpiece of Renaissance architecture, stands proudly in the centre of the Main Market Square. The iconic St. Mary’s Church, with its two asymmetrical towers, is a testament to Gothic craftsmanship. Meanwhile, the former Schindler’s factory museum narrates a poignant chapter from WWII history. Lastly, pulsating with culture, the Jewish Quarter is a fascinating exploration of heritage and legacy.

To truly immerse oneself in the charm of Krakow, a mere day won’t suffice. It’s a city that demands time, appreciation, and more than one visit. If you’re seeking an experience in Poland’s top cities, Krakow should undoubtedly be on your list.


3. Gdansk – A Timeless Beauty

Gdansk, Poland
Gdansk, Poland

Nestled on the sweeping coastline of the Baltic Sea, Gdansk is more than just a large, ancient city. Although its industrial persona might give a different first impression, Gdansk is a trove of historical treasures waiting to be explored. As one of Poland’s top 10 cities, it melds its storied past seamlessly with modern dynamism.

Every corner tells a tale as you wander through the Main and Old Town’s cobblestone streets. St. Mary’s Street is a thoroughfare and a journey through time, leading you to the awe-inspiring St. Mary’s Basilica. The “Road to Eternity,” a poignant tribute, is a pathway steeped in memory and history.

Every visit to Gdansk is complete with a stop at the European Solidarity Center, a testament to the indomitable spirit of the Polish people. As you traverse the city, the iconic Neptune Fountain symbolizes Gdansk’s maritime legacy and deep connection to the sea.


4. Bydgoszcz – The Water Jewel

Bydgoszcz, Poland
Bydgoszcz, Poland

Among Poland’s prized cities, Bydgoszcz stands out with its unique charm, earning its monikers “Polish Amsterdam” and the nation’s water capital. This is attributed to its picturesque location on the confluence of two rivers, evoking images of Amsterdam’s famous canals.

As you journey through Bydgoszcz, your gaze will be captivated by architectural marvels from the past: grand villas, palaces, and apartment buildings exuding the grace of the Art Nouveau style. But this city isn’t just for sightseeing; it’s a relaxing haven. Bydgoszcz boasts an array of recreation areas – from lush parks and verdant spaces to a serene botanical garden, inviting visitors to unwind and connect with nature.

The historic city centre is the heart of Bydgoszcz’s charm, winding streets and storied buildings. For the adventurous, the city’s rivers offer a delightful experience: kayaking amidst the urban landscape. It’s a vantage point like no other!


5. Poznan – An Undiscovered Gem


Poznan, often overlooked in the chatter about European tourism, is one of Poland’s oldest and most stunning cities. In 2019, its enchanting blend of history and beauty earned it the recognition of being one of Europe’s “Best New Tourist Destinations.” As you make your way through this hidden gem among the top 10 cities in Poland, you’ll soon realize its appeal.

The city is home to Poland’s third-largest Market Square, a bustling hub surrounded by quaint “herring houses”—multi-coloured, narrow buildings that offer a picture-perfect backdrop for any traveller. But that’s not all. Poznan presents a rich tapestry of attractions that merit your attention.

The Basilica of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul is a spiritual and architectural testament to the city’s long history. The Imperial Castle of William II, an elegant construction that has borne witness to shifting times, beckons with its timeless appeal. For those interested in natural beauty, the Palm House offers a lush indoor garden experience, while Ciutadella Park provides a verdant outdoor setting for relaxation or leisurely strolls.

As you plan your journey through Poland’s top cities, consider giving Poznan its deserved spotlight. With its blend of historic sites, stunning architecture, and green spaces, it’s a destination that encapsulates the very best of Poland.


6. Sandomierz – The Polish Rome

Sandomierz, Poland
Sandomierz, Poland

When one thinks of the top 10 cities in Poland, the mesmerizing charm of Sandomierz often comes to mind. Revered as the “Polish Rome”, its similarities to the eternal city of Rome are undeniable: an abundance of ancient churches and the scenic backdrop of seven hills.

Sandomierz’s beauty isn’t just in its landmarks but also in its preservation of history. The city layout, a relic from medieval times, offers travellers a rare opportunity to walk through streets that remain unchanged from centuries past. With its rich hues and historical depth, this small town is an absolute delight to explore.

A visit to Sandomierz would be complete with soaking in the city’s panoramic beauty. Head to the observation deck near the Opatovsky Gate. Here, you’re greeted with a vista that captures the essence of this remarkable town, making it a prized snapshot for any travel enthusiast.

When plotting your Polish escapade through the nation’s top cities, ensure that Sandomierz holds a special place on your list with its Romanesque allure and medieval spirit.


7. Toruń – The Gingerbread City with a Stellar Legacy

Most im.Józefa Piłsudskiego, Toruń, Poland
Most im.Józefa Piłsudskiego, Toruń, Poland

Stepping into Toruń, your senses are instantly greeted by the delightful scent of gingerbread—a signature aroma that envelopes the city streets. As one ventures further into the list of top 10 cities in Poland, Toruń stands out for its sweet allure, rich history and cultural significance.

The gingerbread tradition in Toruń isn’t merely about the delightful treat. The city celebrates this legacy with a dedicated gingerbread museum, where visitors can immerse themselves in the craft’s history. Beyond learning, interactive master classes, tastings, and exhibitions allow visitors to experience the joy of gingerbread creation firsthand.

Toruń’s brilliance isn’t confined to its culinary arts. It’s also the birthplace of the famed astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus, whose contributions to the field are celebrated throughout the city. To truly appreciate the city’s expansive beauty, climbing up the cathedral tower at the town hall is a must. From this vantage point, the city unfurls below, offering a bird’s eye view that captures the magic of Toruń.

For those curating their journey through Poland’s top cities, Toruń offers a sweet and stellar experience, making it a must-visit destination on any Polish itinerary.


8. Warsaw – A Mosaic of Time and Tradition

Warsaw, Poland
Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw, the vibrant heart of Poland, rightfully earns its spot among the top 10 cities in the country. As the capital, it beautifully encapsulates the nation’s complex tapestry of history, progress, and culture in its cityscape.

Wandering through Warsaw, one can journey through time. The old European streets, characterized by cobblestones and historic charm, meander towards the central square, dominated by the majestic town hall. Yet, a turn of the head and one encounters the shimmering facades of modern glass skyscrapers juxtaposed with the imposing presence of Stalinist edifices. Even the seemingly mundane apartment buildings have stories whispered between their walls.

Amidst this urban chorus, Warsaw offers solace with its many green spaces. The city’s parks and squares provide serene retreats from its bustling rhythm, ensuring nature is always close enough for the weary traveller.

A haven for history buffs, the city boasts an array of museums and historic sites that chronicle Poland’s tumultuous past and its spirited resurgence. Each corner of Warsaw narrates a unique tale, showcasing its resilience, evolution, and undying spirit.

Warsaw can be seen through many lenses, each offering a different perspective. But one thing remains constant—its allure as a destination that beckons with its multifaceted charm. If you’re navigating Poland’s top cities, make sure Warsaw sits proudly at the helm of your journey.


9. Olsztyn – The Lake-Studded Historical Marvel

Rynek Starego Miasta, Olsztyn, Poland
Rynek Starego Miasta, Olsztyn, Poland

Nestled in the heart of the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, Olsztyn has a rich tapestry of history and natural beauty. As one continues to explore the top 10 cities of Poland, Olsztyn emerges as a radiant gem where past and present harmoniously intertwine.

With a history spanning over 650 years, Olsztyn has tales etched into every brick and pathway. The city’s landscape is undeniably enchanting, adorned with 16 shimmering lakes that reflect both the sky’s hues and the city’s dynamic spirit. These lakes lend Olsztyn a serenity, making it a refreshing retreat from the urban rush.

In the city’s heart, the old town hall is a testament to Olsztyn’s architectural splendour, surrounded by charming apartment buildings that whisper stories of yesteryears. However, the 14th-century Gothic castle often steals the limelight. Towering with pride, this historic fortress recounts tales of medieval grandeur and is an unmissable landmark for anyone exploring the city.

With its unique blend of history and natural wonder, Olsztyn is a city that promises discovery and tranquillity. As you trace your path through Poland’s top cities, let the lakes and legends of Olsztyn guide you to an unparalleled experience.


10. Wroclaw – A City of Squares, History, and Gnomes

Rynek, Wrocław, Poland
Rynek, Wrocław, Poland

Wroclaw often hailed as a jewel among Poland’s cities, invites visitors with its vibrant atmosphere and rich history. As you delve into the top 10 cities in Poland, Wroclaw shines brightly with its blend of architectural splendour and playful charm.

The expansive Market Square, pulsating with life and activity, is the city’s focal point. Dominating this space is the medieval town hall, a tower that seems to echo the whispers of the ages, its walls imbued with centuries of stories. Tourists in Wroclaw are in for a treat. The city’s heart is peppered with delightful establishments – cozy coffee shops, gourmet restaurants, and lively bars, making it a hub of culinary delights and vibrant nightlife.

For those who seek a journey back in time, Tumsky Island awaits. This part of the city is a treasure trove of medieval architecture, with historical buildings standing proudly against the test of time, offering glimpses of Wroclaw’s storied past.

Yet, amid the grandeur, there’s a touch of whimsy to Wroclaw. As you wander its streets, watch for the city’s delightful inhabitants – the gnomes. Over 400 charming little statues are scattered throughout Wroclaw, each telling its own tale. It becomes a lovely game of discovery – who can spot the most?

In Wroclaw, every corner, square, and alleyway holds a surprise. It’s a city where history meets fantasy, making it an essential stop in exploring Poland’s top cities.


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