The tallest buildings in Israel

Tel Aviv (the second most populated city in Israel) is home to some of the tallest skyscrapers in the country. Due to the ever-increasing value of the real estate in Ramat Gan and Tel Aviv over the past two centuries, there has been an increase in the architecture of skyscrapers. The first high-rise building in Israel was the Shalom Meir Tower, which was completed in 1965. It held the title of the tallest skyscraper until 1987 when it was replaced by the Manganite tower.

The tallest buildings in Israel
  1. Tower of Azrieli Sarona

The Azrieli Sarona Tower is a 782-feet-tall(239 m) skyscraper located on the Begin Road in Tel Aviv, Israel. This is the highest skyscraper in Israel. The 53-story building was designed by Azrieli Group. David Azrieli laid the cornerstone for the building on March 12, 2012, and about 60% of the building has already been leased by June 2016. The construction process, which lasted four years, began in 2013. The building has a 7-story garage with approximately 1,600 parking spaces.

  1. Moshe Aviv Tower

Moshe Aviv Tower, also known as City Gate, is a 771-feet high building in Bursa, Ramat Gan. The 68-story skyscraper was named after the owner of the company that built the building. Amnon Schwartz and Amnon Niv were the architects who designed the Moshe Aviv Tower. The city gate was opened in 2003 after five years of construction. Moshe Aviv Tower is a multi-purpose building in which residential premises are located on the upper eleven floors, and an emergency helipad is located on the upper floors.

  1. HaShachar Tower

HaShachar Tower is a 696-feet high-rise building in Givataina, near the border of Tel Aviv and Ramat Gan. Sufrin Group and Tidhar Group designed the Hashar Tower. The first 37 levels are commercial and office premises. There are 149 apartments on the upper 17 floors and a residential lobby on the 38th floor.

  1. Midtown TLV

Midtown TLV is a 50-story unique building that contains everything the city has to offer. In one area, between Savidor Central Station and the center of Azrieli, there are restaurants, cafes, shops, offices, residences, and pools. The 659-feet high-rise building is located on Ayalon Highway. Midtown TLV was built to look like two cubes stacked together. Electra groups built a building. The skyscraper was opened in 2017, and it has 338 apartments. The lower level of the building is the commercial center of the region.

  1. Azrieli Center Circular Tower

Azrieli Center is a 49-story high-rise building in Tel Aviv with a shopping center at its base. Eli Attia was the original designer of the building, but after quarreling with David Azrieli, the work was transferred to Moore Yaski Sivan. The construction of the high-rise building began in 1996 and ended in 1999. On the 48th floor is the office of Mr. Azrieli, and on the 49th floor, there is an upscale hotel and an indoor observation deck. All levels of the 614-feet tower have eighty-four windows, for a total of 4,000 windows.


The future of skyscrapers in Israel

The skyline of some major cities of Israel, especially Tel Aviv, is ever-growing with new high-rise buildings. Tel Aviv has one of the best horizons in the country. One of the main projects is the Arlozorovsky young towers, which are a residential building. it will be completed by 2020. The third tallest building that is still under construction is the 590-feet Hahsharat. Ha Yishuv Tower in Bnei Brak.


The tallest buildings in Israel
Rank name city Height (m) Height (ft) Floors Built Year
1 Azrieli Sarona Tower Tel Aviv 238 781 53 2017
2 Moshe Aviv Tower (City Gate) Ramat Gan 235 771 68 2001
3 HaShachar Tower Givatayim 212 696 54 2016
4 Midtown TLV Tel Aviv 201 659 fifty 2017
5 Azrieli Center Circular Tower Tel Aviv 187 614 49 1999
6 Azrieli Center Triangle Tower Tel Aviv 169 554 46 1999
7 Alon Towers 2 Tel Aviv 165 541 42 2017
8 Alon Towers 1 Tel Aviv 165 541 42 2017
9 Electra Tower Tel Aviv 165 541 45 2011
10 HaArbaa Tower 1 Tel Aviv 164 538 38 2017
11 Champion Motors Tower Bnei Brak 160 520 40 2013
12 Neve Nof Tower Bat yam 158.5 520 42 2013
13 Kirya tower Tel Aviv 158 518 42 2005
14 Meyer about Rothschild Tel Aviv 158 518 38 2014
15 Amot Atrium Tower Ramat Gan 158 518 40 2015
16 Leonardo City Tower Ramat Gan 157 515 41 2000
17 W tower Tel Aviv 156 512 46 2010
18 Tower of the Central Square of Azrieli Tel Aviv 154 505 42 2007
19 HaArbaa Tower 2 Tel Aviv 150 490 34 2017
20 Vision Tower Tel Aviv 150 490 42 2011
21 W-prime tower Tel Aviv 150 490 44 2016