The Dead Sea

 There is an amazing sea that called ” The Dead Sea“. you can find it in the middle of the African Syrian rift, between the Jordan Desert and Judean Desert, about 430 meters below the sea level.  That sea has been known for it’s healing capabilities for thousands of years. The percentage of salt in the Dead Sea is approaching 34%, which places it among the four most saline bodies on Earth.


The Dead Sea is rich in valuable minerals such as potassium, bromine and magnesium. All three are manufactured industrially both Jordanian companies and by Israeli companies and marketers around the world. On its shores, extensive deposits of Dead Sea mud, rich in sulfur and many other minerals and known for its medicinal properties.  The healing properties of the Dead Sea have always attracted tourists suffering from skin diseases , to come and cure their bodies while enjoying a perfect vacation.


In addition to its chemical properties, the fact that it is the lowest place in the world is one of its greatest benefits, when it comes to sunbathing treatments, through the best cure known for psoriasis. The sun’s rays, before reaching the sea, should penetrate an additional 430 meters of air at the highest condensation level. The immediat  environment of the sea may be dry, but the massive evaporation creates a perpetual fog that spans 300-200 meters above the sea, naturally filtering out the sun’s ultraviolet radiation and other types of harmful radiation. This allows for safe treatment with sun baths in the many sun terraces built specifically for this purpose around the Dead Sea.


 The Dead Sea region is rich in attractions. Exciting walks along streams flowing between end-reeds, leaves and dragonflies hovering above the water’s surface. Many historical and archaeological sites are open to the public and offer wonderful views in colorful colors, accompanied by sun and heat all year round.


Dead Sea


The Dead Sea treasures were known to man even in ancient times. Historians describe, for a thousand years, the ways in which the Dead Sea salt was traded in the ancient world. The special asphalt removed from the sea was used uniquely in the embalming process. Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, persuaded Marcus Antony to grant her this piece of land from the Judean province. About this irresistible queen, a writer who used the Dead Sea mud to preserve her beauty.

It’s special, amazing, healthy and historical place. And We hope for everyone to visit in that intresting place and enjoy.