List of tallest volcanoes on Earth

Volcanic activity is one of the reasons for the formation of mountains. Many of the highest mountains on Earth were formed by volcanic eruptions and are known as volcanic mountains. All the highest volcanoes in the world are located in South America and belong to the Andean volcanic belt.

The tallest volcanoes in the world:
Volcanoes above 6,700 meters

Only four of the world’s tallest volcanoes exceed 6,700 meters: Ojos del Salado, Monte Pissis, Nevado Tres Cruces, and Llullaillaco, all of which are located in South America.

    • Ojos del Salado is the highest volcano on the planet, with a height of 6,893 meters. It is an active volcano with the last major eruption about 1,300 years ago. The volcano is located on the border of Argentina and Chile near the Atacama Desert.
    • Monte Pissis is an extinct volcano that rises 6,793 above sea level, making it the second-highest volcano on Earth. Monte Pissis is located in Argentina and is one of the mountains that make up the Andes.
    • Nevado Tres Cruces is an extinct volcano with a height of 6,748 meters and is the third highest volcano in the world. It is located on the border of Chile and Argentina and is also part of the Andes.
    • Llullaillaco is the fourth highest volcano on the planet, which has a height of 6,723 meters. Currently, Llullaillaco is classified as a dormant volcano, although the last volcanic activity occurred in the late 19th century.


Volcanoes from 6,400 to 6,700 meters high

There are eight volcanoes that fall within an altitude range of 6,400 to 6,700 meters, and they are all in South America. These are Tipas, Tras-Cruces-Central, Nevado Sajama, Koropuna, Incahuasi, Ata, and Tupungato. The highest of the listed volcanoes, Tipas volcano rises 6,660 meters above sea level and is the fifth-highest volcano in the world.

    • The Tipas volcano is part of the Andes and is located in Argentina.
    • Tras Cruces Center is an extinct volcano located in Bolivia. The mountain is 6,629 meters high and is the tallest mountain in Bolivia and also the tallest volcano outside the Argentina-Chile region.
    • Incahuasi is a volcanic mountain in the Andes of South America, located on the border of the Argentine province of Catamarca and the Atacama region of Chile. Incahuasi is 6,621 meters above sea level.


Volcanoes from 6,100 to 6,400 meters high

Chimborazo volcano There are eight volcanoes on Earth, ranging in height between 6,100 and 6,400 meters, and again they are all located in South America. These include the mountains of Parinacota, Ampato, Chimborazo, Pular, Solo, Aucanquilcha, San Pedro, and Sierra Nevada de Lagunas Bravas. Chimborazo is a stratovolcano in the Andes of Ecuador, whose height is 6,263 meters, which makes it the highest mountain in Ecuador. Chimborazo is famous for being the farthest point from the center of the Earth.


Andean volcanic belt

All volcanic mountains with heights exceeding 6,100 meters are located in the Andean volcanic belt. The Andean Volcanic Belt is a region that originates in western South America, from Colombia to Argentina.


Top 10 highest volcanoes in the world
Ranking position Volcano name Height
1 Ojos del Salado 6 893 m
2 Monte Pissis 6 793 m
3 Nevado Tres Cruces 6,748 m
4 Llullaillaco 6,723 m
5 Tipas 6 660 m
6 Tras-Cruces-Center 6 629 m
7 Incahuasi 6 621 m
8 Tupungato 6 570 m
9 Nevado Sajama 6 542 m
10 Ata 6,501 m