How Coronavirus changes the planet – COVID19

It is no secret to anyone that the tourism and entertainment industry is experiencing an incredible blow in 2020. The blame for the pandemic, due to which international air flights are being reduced, is being quarantined, and so on. Today you have the opportunity to see with your own eyes the scale of the tragedy and how the coronavirus has already changed our world.


  1. Times Square (New York, USA)

This is one of the most popular places in New York. The square is located at the intersection of Broadway and Seventh Avenue in downtown Manhattan. The square received such a name from the earlier located head office of the New York Times. Various holidays are held annually on the square.

Current situation (live broadcast from webcam)


  1. Las Vegas

The authorities of the state of Nevada (USA) against the backdrop of the coronavirus decided to close all institutions that are not of vital importance, such as bars, gyms, and cinemas. Closed and a casino in Las Vegas.
The last time this happened in 1963, after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Current situation (live broadcast from webcam)


  1. Dam Square in Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Dam Square is the central square of Amsterdam, where famous buildings are located and numerous events are held, making it one of the most famous and important places in Amsterdam.
The square connects Damrak and Rokin streets, which run along the former Amstel river bed from the Central Railway Station to Monet Square and Monetary Tower. To the north-east of it is the Red Light District.

Current situation (live broadcast from webcam)

  1. St. Peter’s Basilica (Vatican City)

The Catholic Cathedral, the central and largest building of the Vatican, is the largest historical Christian church in the world. One of the four patriarchal basilicas of Rome and the ceremonial center of the Roman Catholic Church. Ranks first in the list of seven pilgrimage basilica of Rome.

Current situation (live broadcast from webcam)


  1. Square on November 4 (Perugia, Italy)

Here is square on November 4 in the very center of the Italian city of Perugia, in the province of the same name of the region of Umbria.

Current situation (live broadcast from webcam)

The camera is aimed at the famous fountain of Maggiore, decorated with reliefs on mythological themes. The central bowl of the fountain is made of bronze. On November 4, the facades of the medieval town hall adapted for an art museum, and the Cathedral of St. Lawrence (on the right side of the broadcast), where the engagement ring of the Virgin Mary is stored, overlooks the facades.


  1. The large area of ​​Gubbio (Italy)

One of the most beautiful places in the country.

Current situation (live broadcast from webcam)

The camera is installed on a building in the southeastern part of the square and is directed towards the Palazzo dei Consoli (it houses a museum and a Pinacoteca). Pinakothek – the ancient Greeks have a room for storing picturesque images.

  1. Municipality Square in Assisi (Italy)

The area of ​​the Municipality is the heart of public life, the secular or secular center of Assisi – a city in which a lot is connected with the religious and spiritual aspects of life. The area is located about 200 meters west of the cathedral.

Current situation (live broadcast from webcam)

Municipality Square (Piazza del Comune) in the Italian city of Assisi. The camera is installed on a building on the eastern side of the square, near a fountain with three lions.


  1. Views of Venice (Italy)
Current situation (live broadcast from webcam)


  1. Pallu Square (Lausanne, Switzerland)

Lausanne is famous for its gastronomic diversity, which you can fully experience on the market, operating on Pallu Square on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Here you can find not only ordinary citizens but also chefs of the city’s most famous restaurants at the local specialties.

Current situation (live broadcast from webcam)